Ice Out Report - 5/1/23

Posted by Swanson's Bait & Tackle on 1st May 2023

We made a lot of progress towards open water yesterday with the high winds! Many small lakes opened up over the weekend, and mid sized and larger lakes started getting some large areas of open water. We should see a lot of lakes open up over the next few days. 

Little Birch is just about fully open with a bunch of ice piled up on one side, and big Birch is coming along though it still has ice. Webb Lake and Pine Mount have large areas of open water, but as of last night there was still a decent sheet of ice pushing into the south shores of both lakes. Baby is pulling away from the shore significantly and is looking like it will be out before the weekend. Leech lake is still pretty iced over, but the shorelines are also starting to pull away quite a bit and once the ice starts bouncing around it should make progress quickly.

We will continue to update was we progress!