Ice Fishing Report, February 28, 2020

Posted by Swanson's Bait & Tackle on 28th Feb 2020

The last few weeks had been pretty quiet around here with the difficult conditions on the ice, but we've been slowly making progress in regards to travel conditions on the lakes. We're seeing much better ability to get around now. More and more ATVs and side by sides are getting around now with little trouble, and on some of the lakes with enough ice they're running 4WD vehicles. Walker Bay on Leech has been pretty travel friendly. 

Fishing has been heating up this week with the perch bite really starting to come on strong up on Leech Lake. We've heard reports out of the main lake, Agency Bay, and north Walker Bay up and around Sand Point! Low to mid teens on the depth is most common, but we have heard reports of the shallow fish in under 10' - the name of the game as always is to punch holes and find the fish. Stationary jumbo chasers have found some fish, but the guys really getting them are operating with multiple augers and finding the bigger schools.

Panfish in the area has also been heating up, but it was a little slow last weekend. We're seeing the best action coming in the morning and around mid-day. Evenings have been a little slower. Gills have been cruising that 10-16' range, while the crappie are still on that outer edge in that 20' range. Some suspended basin crappies are still being caught on those basin lakes as well.

All in all conditions have improved drastically these last couple weeks, and with the warm weather on the forecast we're expecting a fantastic weekend of fishing!