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Ice Fishing Report, April 8, 2019

Posted by Swanson's Bait & Tackle on 8th Apr 2019

Fishing has been very good the last few days! Ice conditions are starting to go downhill fast which is good for everyone ready for open water, but bad for the ice fishing! We just got a good rain yesterday, and accesses and shoreline are already pulling away pretty good right now. We've pretty much switched over to foot traffic only. 

There have been great reports on perch, bluegill, crappie, and tullibee from all over the area. Smaller lakes have been best on the panfish - they've been staging near their early open water haunts in shallow water. Most anglers have been finding them in less that 10', but on some lakes they're finding them deeper. Crappie will still be deeper on most lakes, but we've had some shallow water bites going on too. 

Jumbos on Leech have continued to go strong on the north side of Walker Bay, Agency, and in some areas on the main lake. Shallow water is where to find the big boys, and go with an array of bait. Some days it seems the big ones won't hit anything but a large jigging spoon and whole fathead, and other days they ignore the big stuff and pound the little jigs with waxies or minnow heads. 

Tullibee reports were pretty good this last week, but access it really tough on Leech. If you can find a place to park and get out, foot traffic is going to be the best bet. Early morning has been key - we haven't seen a steady midday bite out there yet, just a few waves here and there. Mornings typically are a good strong bite though and you can stack a few up in a big hurry.

Moving forward we'll try and keep things up to date in regards to ice conditions!