Ice Fishing Report - 4/5/2023

Posted by Swanson's Bait & Tackle on 5th Apr 2023

Very few anglers have been out the last week, and we're in the process of getting another round of snow here. However, temps are going to turn the corner this weekend and the melt will be on! We have a good amount of snow to get rid of, but we're looking at 40s and 50s next week with some sunshine which should make a big dent. 

If you're planning on getting out for some late ice action, the window will be pretty short! Typically the moisture from on top of the ice flowing down gets the fish stirred up, and we typically see hot bites on years when that water flow is higher. We certainly have no shortage of moisture on top of the ice, so that could make for some pretty fantastic late ice bites in the shallows.

As always, ice is never 100% safe, and late season conditions can vary significantly. Be extremely careful this late ice season. Water flowing from on top of the ice through the holes and cracks melts areas in a hurry and you can find some real weak spots.