Ice Fishing Report - 4/12/2023

Posted by Swanson's Bait & Tackle on 12th Apr 2023

Conditions have vastly improved since it warmed up last weekend. There still is a fair amount of variation from lake to lake, but most are much easier to get around on. ATV and snowmobiles are the best option for getting around, though some pockets here and there are still a little deep on slush and crusty which can cause problems when you break through the top crust. Many lakes are good to go though, and foot traffic is pretty easy on most lakes. 

Water has been running down the holes and cracks on the ice pack, and we're seeing most panfish high off the bottom. The best action has been coming out of 15-20' with the fish typically a few feet below the ice to 5-8' off the bottom. Some nights are better than others, but it has been getting better and better.

We've heard some good reports on the perch on Leech as well if you can get out to them. Agency Bay has been a popular choice, and there are some anglers heading out on the main lake as well as up by the narrows in north Walker Bay. Fish are mostly well under 10' and cruising as shallow as a few feet.

Tullibee reports have been minimal so far. Some definite signs of life in some of the normal areas on Leech, but not a ton of anglers have been after it with how bad the conditions have been up until now. It should be rolling right into primetime here now with the snow all pretty much gone on the ice, and all that water flowing down.