Ice Fishing Report - 3/15/2023

Posted by Swanson's Bait & Tackle on 15th Mar 2023

We came out of the weekend with around 12" of snow give or take which wasn't what the late ice anglers ordered up that is for sure! The snow blew around a lot yesterday, and the warmer temps we've had the last few days is settling it down in a hurry. Traffic however did slow down significantly and we haven't talked to many anglers headed out - everyone appears to be laying low until the snow melts a bit more.

Fishing should still be headed in the right direction, but with the various fronts coming through the the next week it may be a little hit and miss. Fishing could be great, but there might be some lulls as systems move through. We'll just have to wait and see, but bottom line is we are already in mid March and late ice is on! We'll hopefully have more information after this weekend with the increased traffic if the weather holds off.