Ice Fishing Report - 2/21/2023

Posted by Swanson's Bait & Tackle on 21st Feb 2023

The last 48 hours have brought us a decent portion of powder snow around a 6"-8" along with some cooler temps. Fish have been a little finicky the last few weeks, and we expect the trend to continue until this weather shakes out. Definitely a possibility for some great bite windows, but expect to work the fish a bit to get them to commit. Still good numbers of panfish coming across the area, they just haven't been hitting as hard, nor as early in the day. 

Crappie fishing is still off the main breaklines in 20'-25' right around sunset and after. Crappie minnows have been the requirement the last few trips out, changing from being able to mix in some waxies here and there. They're getting a little picky, but we're still able to get most to commit if you work them. Bites are a little less concentrated and we're getting fish over a larger period of time throughout the late evening.

Bluegill are hitting in that 15'-20' during the day, but we've been hearing a report or two of guys getting them in shallow. So we are just starting to see some early signs of late ice patterns. Deeper water is still the go to, but if you're having some trouble dialing in, it might be worth a few holes on the shallow flats to see if they're cruising up top.

Walleye fishing continues to be slow and steady with a fish or two an evening on the normal lakes and spots. Dead sticks are producing the most bites, but they benefit from an active jigging rod close by to bring the fish into the area. Some nice fish are getting pulled up in the mix so it has been fun for those grinding out the evenings. With the expected weather closing out the season this week it will probably be a typical end of season for the 'eyes.

Tullibee have been hitting off and on up on the big water. Some mornings are producing better than others, but a few always seem to be cruising around. We should see this start to pick up as we move into March along with the Perch bite.

Overall, after this weather shakes out this week and we see the temps come back up we should be in for some great ice fishing to kick March off!