Ice Fishing Report - 2/1/2023

Posted by Swanson's Bait & Tackle on 1st Feb 2023

The last few weeks we've been seeing a pretty typical mid winter fishing pattern across the area lakes. The area walleye destinations are producing a fish or two an evening, with most coming on slower, subtle presentations like shiners or rainbows under deadsticks and bobbers. There have been some interesting night bites here and there as well. Leech, Woman, Baby, and Pine Mountain are some of the typical go-to lakes. 

Panfish have continued to be pretty good fishing across the area as well. Bluegills have been best on most lakes in the upper teens for depth, but some fish have been found shallower on some lakes. Mid morning and evening have been best for the 'gills. Crappie have been coming deeper in and around 20' later in the evenings. Lots of anglers reporting basin crappies suspended out in the main lake basins cruising around - if you have the energy and electronics it can be well worth the search to get on a school.

There have been a few guys hitting the pike on tip-ups here and there with a few big fish coming through the ice, but it has been a little slower during the afternoon and evening - morning seems to be best here. Big shiners do the trick on the pike, but some lite northern suckers are a solid choice as well.