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Ice Fishing Conditions, November 26, 2019

Posted by Swanson's Bait & Tackle on 26th Nov 2019

While we have made some progress in the ice conditions front, many of the medium to larger sized lakes still have a good amount of open water. We haven't exactly been making a ton of ice with the moderate temps, but we haven't been going backwards where the ice is holding. Many of the small lakes and bays have walkable ice, but it is still irregular enough to be very cautious when going out. 3-6" has been the range of ice thickness we've been hearing for the most part, and some even have more. Just remember ice can go from 6" to 1" in a couple steps so check constantly as you make your way out.

Fishing has been pretty good for walleye on the few places anglers are finding ways to get out. The bite hasn't been off the charts mostly due to access to good areas, but those that are catching are doing it on small shiners and rainbows. Panfish have been pretty consistent as well. There have been some pretty decent crappie bites in the evenings on Birch as well as on some of the smaller water - also some good gills mixed in too.