Ice Fishing Conditions, December 10, 2019

Posted by Swanson's Bait & Tackle on 10th Dec 2019

Well, we added another 5-6" to the total this weekend, but thankfully it was nice light and fluffy stuff that should get blown around. The cold temps are finally here, and we should freeze down through the slush on many of the lakes, especially in the middle. The edges might hold onto slush with the snow collecting and preventing a good freeze through, but it will be cold enough this week we might lock it all up.

We're seeing ice thicknesses ranging from 3-4" to 8-10" depending on the lake and when the initial freeze up was. Take it lake by lake, and even spot to spot on ice thickness. We should make some ice this week though, and it should be a good weekend for getting out there finally. 

For those that have been fishing, the panfish have been going pretty well on many of the smaller lakes. Crappie have been moving in pretty hard in the evenings. Bluegill have also been fairly active during the mid morning hours and into the afternoon. Walleye fishing hasn't been bad either with a pretty consistent evening bite on the spots that the ice has been good enough. This cold weather should add to the fishable area for the weekend as Walker Bay, Woman, Pine Mountain, and Baby should be much more fishable in regards to ice. 

As always, be very careful on the ice! Check the thickness regularly! This year was another inconsistent freeze up so the conditions vary dramatically!