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Fishing Report May 5, 2019

Posted by Swanson's Bait & Tackle on 6th May 2019

Crappie fishing has been picking up this weekend with the sunshine we were able to get. Water temps have started to come up and anglers have been doing better on crappies up shallow in the shallow lakes and bays. Find the pencil reeds and reed beds and work the edges towards the later portion of the day when water temps are peaked. Slip bobbers and crappie minnows are usually best if you know where they are.

If you're trying to locate the crappie use a small jig with small plastics a pitch them with a longer ultralight rod. Cruise the shoreline along the weedbeds and downed timber pitching the jigs and slowly bringing it back. Using this tactic you can cover a lot of ground and find the pockets holding fish. If you cover some likely areas and aren't having any action, they are likely staging off the first edge. Pull off the edge into 6-10' and drag jigs slow or set slip bobbers to target pockets of weeds in the deeper water. 

The bait report is still a little slow coming, but the leeches and rainbows are starting to come in pretty good. We have our fingers crossed that we keep some sunshine so the shiners start running, but as always with those we won't know if they're going to be here until they're here.

Redtails are likely not going to be around for opener due to high water and low temps, but we have our fingers crossed!