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Fishing Report May 27, 2019

Posted by Swanson's Bait & Tackle on 27th May 2019

Water temps are slowly making their way to where we need them finally. We're seeing most surface temps in the 50s now and some into the 60s depending on the day. Fish have been starting to get very active. Fishing has been very good, but it keeps getting better. 

Walleye fishing has primarily been a minnow bite in 10-15' during the day, but in the early morning and evening they are usually shallower. Pitching jigs and walking them off the breaks has been very successful, and many anglers have been picking up artificial and working the shallow flats over a little faster with good success. On the calmer days rigging a minnow or leech has worked better getting the line away from the boat, but if the walleye chop is on you can jig them fairly close to the boat. 

Bass have heated up considerably over the last week. Fish are still prespawn, but they're starting to move up and down the breaks and spending more time up shallow. Finesse tactics have been the best right now, but we're starting to see more aggressive fish hitting swim baits and crankbaits as well. Concentrate on the break lines - most fish are staging and will be using the break a lot and not venturing far.

We have had a lot of great crappie reports this week. Water temps have the fish up shallow on most lakes. Some lakes anglers have said they're already back of the edge, but active fish should be off those first edges or up into the reed edges for the evenings. If you're having trouble finding fish shallow, try little deeper during the morning and afternoon.