Fishing Report May 14, 2020

Posted by Swanson's Bait & Tackle on 14th May 2020

Fishing has been pickup up all week since it started to slow down Saturday afternoon. It is looking like it could be a fantastic weekend to get into some walleye action with the temps coming up in a steady weather pattern. Shiners will probably still be scarce, but rainbows and leeches did very well Saturday morning for the shiner-less anglers. 

Moving into the weekend we should see walleye on Leech Lake moving around in the 6-12' range. If you're having trouble picking fish try and pitching onto structure and bouncing it back - in that shallow water the boat can push fish off to the side and you'll miss them if your vertical jigging.

Crappie fishing should start lighting it up this weekend with the sunshine we're expecting. Water temps in the shallows should start pulling fish up in tight. Cruise the edges and pitch light plastics up tight and work them back over 6' of water. You'll figure out where the fish are holding in a short while and can really dial in on them.

Smallmouth fishing should heat up this weekend as well. They may not be up on tops too much, but you should be bale to get some eaters off the edges cruising. Drop shot rigs can be hot during this time if you can find a pocket or focal point on structure. If fish are scattered it is hard to beat a weighted craw or crankbait even.