Fishing Report July 13, 2020

Posted by Swanson's Bait & Tackle on 13th Jul 2020

It has been a busy summer so far! Fishing has been pretty normal overall with typical patterns emerging as the water temps started to get up there. Right now the walleye fishing has been decent, but typical mid summer patterns are the ticket. Most anglers are finding their success with bottom bouncers and spinners, while other anglers have done ok pitching light jigs and finessing them on shoreline pockets and humps where fish are more concentrated in an area.

Largemouth have been stacked up heavy in the weeds as you would expect this time of year. The frog season is in full swing, and they've been catching some real hogs out of the area lakes. During low light times you can find them on the edges of the surface weeds, but once the sun starts pounding it is time to go in after them or go deep water.

Smallmouth have continued to cruise the breaks and tops. They aren't as schooled up as they were post spawn, but you should be able to find them in the same areas. Early morning and evening have been the most productive with more aggressive tactics like topwater and crankbaits, and during the day the finesse tactics have out produced. Drop shots and jig worms seem to get their attention.

Muskie fishing has been starting to show some signs of life out there. Most action right now is coming from weeds on most lakes, even up in the slop. They will likely be transitioning into the rocks on lakes like Leech in the coming weeks. Focus on the weather changes to maximize your opportunities right now.