Fishing Report & Ice Report April 30, 2020

Posted by Swanson's Bait & Tackle on 30th Apr 2020

It has certainly been a crazy spring! As the state has started to relax its policies and ice is off most of the lakes in the area, we thought we should give a quick update! 

All the lakes across our area have finally opened up including Ten Mile and Leech! Boats are starting to show up with everyone having a strong case of cabin fever. Water temps should be rising fast with the ice gone and the warm temps we've had. Crappies should start pulling into the shallows on some of the smaller and shallower bays. Up until now we haven't heard any shallow water reports, but we expect to hear a few this weekend. 

The bait outlook for the opener is certainly looking good with an average ice out date across the state - much better than the May ice-outs we've been having the last couple of years! While you never know what can happen, we're anticipating have a good supply of bait for opener this year!

Stay tuned as we get more open water reports as the water warms! Stay safe!