Fishing Outlook - Memorial Weekend 2022

Posted by Swanson's Bait & Tackle on 25th May 2022

The summer has been slow to get started, but we're finally starting to tick up in the water temps to get the fish moving. The cold front last weekend slowed down a lot of the action, but it has been steadily picking up the last couple of days. Looking at the forecast, it should continue into the weekend. 

Walleye bite has been pretty good on the minnows right now, with some anglers having some good success on the leeches as well. We've heard good things out of shallow water when the sun isn't shining. Try to get out away from the boat when the fish are being a little more finicky. Also, don't be afraid to utilize some crankbaits or faster plastics - early season the crankbaits can be phenomenal on the shallow flats.

The crappies have been starting to stack up in the shallow water to spawn, and they should continue to pile in the next week. Now is the time to catch a monster slab! Be mindful that the fish are spawning if you're looking to keep some fish for the table - those big females produce a lot of crappies for the future!

Smallmouth are starting to stage off the spawning grounds right now, and we'll probably see some beds popping up as they move into spawn as well. The big pre-spawn females are holding off the first break mostly, and you can pick them off throwing tube jigs and other plastics and bounce them down those edges. We recommend bringing a fish friendly net with and end the fight quick to get them back so they're healthy for spawn.

All in all it should be a fantastic weekend for some fun at the lake. Fishing should be fantastic and bait supplies are looking nice. Good luck and stay safe!