Fishing Opener 2022 & Bait Outlook

Posted by Swanson's Bait & Tackle on 10th May 2022

The plus side to 2022 is we have open water after all! Most of the lakes in the area all went out on Saturday 5/7 with Leech holding on for a day or two later until it was fully out. Water temps are trying hard to warm up with some good air temps since ice out, and the forecast for the big weekend is looking nice!

Bait has been very slow to come in due to the abrupt ice outs and all the small water and ponds (where the bait comes from) holding on until just recently. While water temps have been coming up which will help the bait trap better, we have a short window before opener to accumulate the bait. Shiners could be down to the wire, but we should start the weekend off with some Rainbows, Fatheads, Suckers, and probably a few Golden Shiners. If spot tails do show up before the weekend, the other minnows will hold up better, but if there are no spot tails, the Rainbows and Goldies will get hit hard. Redtails and creek chubs will likely be a no go for the weekend, but you never know!

Leeches have been slow to start, but once they go we should be able to get a bunch in a hurry. We have our fingers crossed we'll have a good supply by Friday. Crawlers should be good to go!

We'll post updates in a couple days as we get a few more water warming days under our belt!