Fishing Opener 2020 Recap

Posted by Swanson's Bait & Tackle on 11th May 2020

It was a chilly one this year as it seems to be a continuing theme, but the walleye were on the prowl! Anglers did very well on Leech Lake, and a handful of area lakes did pretty well also. The bite was mostly a minnow bite up shallow. Most anglers were just long lining the jigs while others rigged. Crankbaits also put up a good number of walleye too. 6-12' was where most anglers spent their time on Leech, while other lakes a little deeper worked better.

Crappie fishing was pretty good leading into the weekend, but quieted down with the clouds and colder temps. We should see the crappie move into the shallows in full force this week with the expected sunshine. Cover ground with some small plastics to find the fish and where they're at - once you're dialed in you can continue to pitch or drop slip bobbers down on them if you want to hang in one area.

We didn't talk to to many bass anglers this weekend with the cooler temps. There were a few guys chasing smallies on Woman, but we didn't hear too many reports. 

This week should really move things warmer and we could see some great fishing into next week. Also, the minnow situation should improve during the week, and we're hoping for some shiners to start rolling in!