Fishing & Bait Report May 5, 2019

Posted by Swanson's Bait & Tackle on 3rd May 2019

There are a handful of anglers getting after the crappie. For the most part they're still hanging of that first edge, but we've had a couple reports of them being found up shallower. As the water warms they should head into the shallows pretty quickly, but for now we recommend targeting them in the 6-10' weedbeds off the area's they typically move shallow. 

The bait outlook for the 2019 fishing opener next week is pretty good. We are still waiting for shiners, but we have some time and we're expecting some sunshine this weekend which should get things rolling. As always, we won't know what will be in until it walks in the door, but we're optimistic. Rainbows are starting to trap pretty well, and the Leeches and crawlers are coming in too. It could be a very interesting opener with all the moisture we've had this year, and the water temps have not moved up a lot since ice-out.