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Ice Fishing Report, March 25, 2019

Posted by Swanson's Bait & Tackle on 25th Mar 2019

It was another beautiful weekend on the ice! There were a few sunburns handed out over the weekend, and certainly some good fishing as well. The fish have been making the move shallow. On some lakes the fish have moved way shallow already, and on others they are still in transition. Areas on Leech Lake lake as well as Birch, Ten Mile, Pleasant, Child, and Mule produced great bluegill action. Crappie were a little harder to come by this weekend - we think the minor cold front knocked them off a little bit, but it should get good here soon. 

Jumbo perch have been hit and miss on Leech. They don't seem to have made the full transition into the shallow water yet. There are definitely pockets up shallow, but some guys are still finding them off the edge as well in 10'+. We're expecting fish to be shallow pretty consistently this week!

Tullibee action on Leech has been heating up. Morning is still producing the best, but a few guys pulled some day bite fish out. Access is the trickiest thing right now - vehicles have been causing more trouble than anything and a good number of guys just headed out with a sled and a bucket this weekend. It should just keep getting better out there the later it gets.