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Ice Fishing Report, January 29, 2019

Posted by Swanson's Bait & Tackle on 29th Jan 2019

It was awfully cold last week, but we were surprised by the number of anglers headed out for the weekend. Golden Shiners and rainbows have been the go to. Most anglers were headed to Leech Lake, Red Lake, and Lake of the Woods - it was a wheel house kind of weekend. 

Leech lake produced a few walleye and perch. We have heard that the action is primarily in deeper water like 16-20' late in the evening. Guys staying through the night were seeing some fish in the middle of the night as well. With that cold front everything was a little sluggish. There were a few people out on the local lakes as well with the same results. A few fish here and there, but not much for hot bites anywhere. Mostly the bluegill and crappie have been best, and that has been a day to day thing.

We have a few cold days ahead of us here, but the weekend is looking to be a beautiful bounce back! We should see some very nice temps, and the fishing should bounce as well. Most of the slushy spots have froze through, and so it will be a lot easier getting around. There will be some deeper snow pockets and drifts, but we're starting to shape up for a mid-season push!