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Ice Fishing Report, January 22, 2019

Posted by Swanson's Bait & Tackle on 22nd Jan 2019

It's had been starting to get a little easier to get around on the lakes in the last few days with this colder weather. A lot of the slush pockets were getting frozen through, and we were seeing more and more ATVs getting around on the ice again. There still may be a few slush pockets holding on, but it is much improved. Overnight we got another 8-10 inches of snow, but it is nice fluffy powder.

It sounds like most of the fishing has been reserved to panfish mostly on area lakes including Birch, Mule, Pleasant, Stony, and some of the other smaller lakes in the area. Bluegill have been most active during late morning, and some windows in the afternoon. 14-20' has been where most anglers have concentrated. To get on them there is no substitute for punching a bunch of holes. Even once you find them, they may only be there for a short window before you have to start hole hopping to find them again.

Crappie has been pretty consistent in the evening. Don't be afraid to get out a little bit earlier than you typically would because some lakes have had some early bites going on. 18-25' has been the most common depth range off the significant structure in the lake. Tungsten jigs have been key to get back down after picking a fish off. Schools come through and typically give a short window to take advantage.