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Ice Fishing Report, February 5, 2019

Posted by Swanson's Bait & Tackle on 5th Feb 2019

We made it through the deep freeze last week and were rewarded with warmer temps over the weekend. The fishing had been a little slow during the cold snap weather pattern, and they've been slow to recover. Still some fish going, but we need some consistent weather. Right now we are having fronts and weather changes happening regularly which makes the fishing a little inconsistent, but there are some good bites if you put in your time.

Walleye bite has gone into the mid winter evening bite. Day bites are few and far between, and the night bite window has gotten pretty narrow. Get out in that 20' range give or take and stick with shiners and rainbows. Have a shiner under a bobber at all times - some nights the minimal movement is the ticket. 

Crappie are the most consistent right now. Work the evening bite, but don't be afraid to get out a little bit early because they've been going early on some lakes. Birch, Stony, Mule, Pleasant, Ten Mile, and some smaller area lakes all are producing crappie. To bump your chances at more fish be sure to drill a good number of holes in an area you know they come in and bounce around with a few guys to stay on fish.

Bluegill have been hit and miss on the normal lakes. It seems like they're schooled up in little packs of larger gills, and they just cruise around. When they come through, the action is good and you can ice several fish, but then they move on. Try to find good weed edges and drops onto weed flats in 12'-16'. Also watch for saddles and bottlenecks that might channel fish through areas to be on the bluegill highway. 

This time of year, Tungsten jigs are key for the panfish. Your ability to get the jig down fast on a school whether hole hopping or after popping a fish out of a school that just moved in. The faster you can get down, the more fish you're going to be able to pull out of a school cruising through.