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Fishing Report May 20, 2019

Posted by Swanson's Bait & Tackle on 20th May 2019

Walleye fishing has been very good across the area! It has been a bit of a finesse bite on most lakes, but the walleye are definitely eating. Evenings seem to be best overall, but with all the cloud cover we've had fish can be found during the day as well.  It's always hard to beat a shiner on a jig this time of year, but crankbaits have been working very well also. During the day 12-18' is a great place to start, but as it gets later in the day you can pull up on the shallow flats and edges in less than 12'.

Crappie fishing has been very good as well with the water temps getting up there. Lots of fish in the shallows and reports are coming from all over including Leech Lake, Ten Mile, Woman, Stony, Webb, Pleasant, and Birch. The forecast for the weekend is looking pretty sunny and warm, and some of the small water fish might start pulling back out as they finish spawning. The bigger water will likely hold shallow fish for a while yet. Either cast or troll plastics down the shallow edges to find fish, and if you find a pocket you can sit over them with bobbers and minnows.

Bass fishing has been decent, but there is always a shortage of cover this time of year. Smallmouth are still off the edges in deeper water staging for their spawn, and the largemouth are cruising any cover they can find in shallow water. Jigging plastics and swim baits are hard to beat this time of year. Keep the size down a little, but things should start heating up soon.