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Fishing Report June 24, 2019

Posted by Swanson's Bait & Tackle on 24th Jun 2019

Another great week of fishing across the area in the books! Walleye fishing has definitely slowed down, but it is still pretty darn good. Leeches and crawlers have been the name of the game on a good drift, but when the wind has laid down, slow trolling around has been a must. Sitting in a pocket might be good for a fish or two, but for the most part you need to cover ground now that they're spreading out. 15-20' has been the most common depth range to find them, but some shallow fish are still going when the clouds and chop are on.

Crappie fishing has dropped into summer mode with most fish now back in their deeper water haunts. Find the nice cabbage in 6-12' and get the jigs dragging over the tops, or drop a slip bobber right in there with a lively crappie minnow. In the evenings you can bump up the speed and cover more ground to find the feeding fish. The bluegills have been spawning on many lakes in the area, and finishing up on some. 

Smallmouth fishing has been really good this last week. Most of the good smallmouth lakes in the area have moved into post spawn, and fish are getting very aggressive. Topwater has been working well, otherwise twitching cranks and dragging plastics have all been working well. 

Largemouth have been doing very well too. They're still roaming the shallows in new weedbeds. Spinnerbaits still seem to be the best way to pull them as the weeds haven't really choked everything off yet. As the weeds thicken up jigging pockets and frogging will be the go to.

Muskie fishing has been pretty good with the various weather patterns going through. If you spend a half day out there, your odds are pretty good at having some fish get active. Mid sized bucktails and jerkbaits are producing best right now. It won't be long and the thumpers will heat up.